How to Watch Mayweather vs Paul Fight Live Stream Online

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back! On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather announced that he’s returning to the right for a Special exhibition fight against YouTube sensation Logan Paul under FanMio and Showtime PPV.

The undefeated boxing champion is set to take on YouTube sensation in an exhibition match which triggers a lot of pros and contras. But the show must go on. The officials have already set the date of the Super Exhibition. And if you are a fan of one of the fighters, it is sensible to make a reservation for your watching slot right now.

Mayweather vs Paul Live
Date:Sunday, June 6, 2021
Fight Time:TBA
Venue:Hard Rock Stadium in Miami
PPV Cost:$49.99
Live Stream:Showtime PPV (USA) & Fanmio (Worldwide)

It is really surprising for boxing fans. Though it’s not considering the recent success of the exhibition match between former champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Because Mayweather is arguably a bigger star than those two. Social Media Reacts to Shocking Announcement of Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul 2021 Exhibition Match. So it will be another biggest exhibition boxing match in history.

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How to watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live online

The wait is over. Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul is here. Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Super exhibition fight exclusively on Fanmio PPV. You can watch Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream online via Fanmio & ShowtimePPV.

It will cost $49.99 according to latest update from Fanmio official website.

Paul vs Mayweather: Boxing live stream in the United States

Fanmio and Showtime PPV has exclusive broadcasting rights to Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fight in the USA and anywhere. Fanmio is the new name of PPV boxing. They focus their self with two celebrities Floyd Mayweather and Youtuber Logan Paul.

So, If you want to watch Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather boxing live online? It is the point of time to purchase PPV from Showtime PPV.

How to watch the Floyd vs Paul live stream in the UK

Are you are living or traveling in the UK? You can watch Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight live online without any hassle.

Fanmio is the only way to purchase PPV tickets from the united kingdom. Fanmio doesn’t share its broadcasting rights with any media partners.

Sky Sports Box office and BT Sport Box office is the best place to watch PPV boxing events from the UK. Fanmio & Showtime doesn’t deal with the UK partners. UK fans and followers need to buy Pay Per View from Fanmio. Now It will cost $49.99 (41.21 Euro).

How to Stream Mayweather vs Paul Live Online from Australia

The Main Event is the popular and trustable name of PPV boxing in Australia. The Main Event provides Most of the PPV events Such as Boxing, UFC, WWE, entertainment event, etc.

But we don’t get any official declaration from Fanmio and Showtime about Australian PPV providers. Now, FanMio i and Showtime is the only way to booking Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul PPV tickets.

Way to Watch Paul vs Floyd fight live stream online in Canada

Canadian boxing fans also purchase Pay Per View from Fanmio official website. There are many PPV providers in Canada Videotron, Rogers, Eastlink, Shaw, Telus, etc. But. The official doesn’t reveal any of them.

At this moment, Fanmio is the only way to order this Super Exhibition Fight from Canada.

Watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul live from anywhere

Fanmio is accessible to everyone. You can watch Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight live online from anywhere.

After that, if you face a blackout problem subscribe to Express VPN and make sure your server location USA and buy it and watch from any locations.

The Quick guide to watch from anywhere:

  1. Subscribe the ExpressVPN.
  2. Make sure your IP location to the USA.
  3. Purchase PPV from Fanmio or Showtime and start watching it.

Floyd Mayweather vs Paul Live Stream Free On Reddit

Reddit is a social community platform. Here people are discussing and showing their own opinions about Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s fight. Some of them share boxing free streaming website links in the communities.

Actually, Reddit has no right to broadcast or live it. Are you search for those links? Search on Reddit “boxing stream reddit, reddit boxing stream, Reddit ppv stream” and Join those boxing subreddits. In the event time, die-hard fans are share links in the subreddits.

All of those links are not safe. Most of the free streaming sites are full of ads and malware viruses. It can harm your devices. So we are recommended to buy PPV tickets from Fanmio official website and watch the all-action from anywhere.

Can I watch Mayweather vs Paul Fight live stream free?

There is no way to watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight live stream free online. Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul is a Super Exhibition Fight bout. It will live on Fanmio PPV. You have to purchase it to watch it on any device.

There are some websites. Such as “Stream2Watch, crackstreams, buffstream, VIPRow, VIPLeague and much more”. They provide boxing live content free stream on their website. But, most of the websites are full of ads and malware viruses. It can harm your devices and security. So I never recommended those free streamings.

Can I stream Mayweather vs Paul fight via App?

Mayweather vs. Paul fight can be streamed via the Fanmio website or the Fanmio app on connected devices. live streams can be accessed via Fanmio App on smartphone or TV devices beside platforms such as Xbox One, Roku, PS4, Chromecast, Android, Apple, Amazon Fire, and more.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Odds & Preview

We shall leave the 2020 bet with a smile since there’s something big coming out. The Super Exhibition Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul will be up for June 6th, 2021. It is going to be an interesting Exhibition to discuss, especially if you are interested in the odds for both fighters.

Or if you want to have some fortune from this fight, it is probably the best time to know more about the odds and preview of the fight.

As just expected in this type of fight, Floyd Mayweather comes up as the favorite with -5000 odds. What does it mean? For those who put a $5,000 bet on Floyd, winning would only grab $100 profit.

On the other side, Logan Paul odds start at +1500. That means for those who put $100 bet on the underdog will have the pay out of $1,500.

Unlike the other bout, this bout comes out as an exhibition match. The betting odds directed the punters that the upcoming fight could go as far as -200.

Since it is a Super Exhibition, we can expect more interesting things to see on the ring.

Logan Paul won’t just let Mayweather reign easily in the ring. There will be a lot of actions to witness. Not to mention that you need to be ready for the upcoming surprises as well. If Logan Paul is finally KOed, then the odds would be at -150.

Back then when fighting Conor McGregor, we could see such similar rodeo. It was going to be easy for Floyd Mayweather to take down his opponent. However, once again, the upcoming fight is a Super Exhibition. So, it won’t end too quickly. Both fighters will do their best to bring out such entertaining shows for their both fans. The undefeated champion will also keep his prestige in check while pacing himself so that the upcoming fight is going to be entertaining and enduring enough to enjoy.

On the other side, Paul has been expecting to establish himself to be a professional boxer. In his training regime, we can see that he has a lot of potentials although he risks himself to bleed in the upcoming Super Exhibition.

Everything you need to know about the Special Exhibition Fight:

There is the key information you need to know before watching it.

Floyd Mayweather vs logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is an Undefeated (50-0) with 27 knockouts and a 12-time five-division boxing superstar in the world. Mayweather was born on February 24, 1977, in Grand Rapids, Mich. He is now 40 years old American professional boxing promoter and former professional boxer.

He made most of the fight between 1996 and 2015. In August 2017, His last official fight against Conor McGregor. According to Forbes Mayweather earned a reported $275 million from that fight and as a promoter. After that, Mayweather go to Japan to promote RIZIN. There he fight against Nasukawa in Japan in December 2018.

Floyd Mayweather Professional boxing record:

Total fights:50
Wins by KO:27

Floyd Mayweather Social Media followers:

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, Influencer and boxer. He also releases podcast since November 2018.

In November 2019, Logan Paul twice against British YouTube personality Olajide “JJ” Olatunji named KSI with one loss and one win. KSI vs. Logan Paul was promoted as “the biggest internet event in history. California State Athletic Commission had sanctioned this fight and it was promoted by Matchroom Boxing. KSI won the match by split decision in their six-round cruiserweight bout.

Logan Paul Professional boxing record:

Total fights:1
Wins by KO:0

Logan Paul Social Media followers:

Facebook: 15.8M followers
Twitter: 5.8M Followers
Instagram: 18.7M followers
Youtube: 22.6M subscribers

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Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Purse

Although the officials keep the information of the purses tight for them, there have been some leaks about the information. A trustworthy figure on Instagram claimed that they knew how much the purse will be.

They reported that Floyd Maywaethear will receive $2 million upfront. Meanwhile, Logan Paul will only receive an initial $200,000. of course, they both will earn more enormous money after the fight is over.

There is also the PPV sales that can be the factor to contribute to the earning.

Mayweather will get 5% of the PPV sales. Meanwhile, Logan Paul has been reportedly to receive 2% of the PPV sales.

When it comes to the Super Exhibition, we are pretty sure that this fight is going to sell like hotcakes. The fighters will surely be earning a lot more purses than the initial payouts for the Super Exhibition. The PPV price is the key to make the purse more mouth-watering.

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most prominent boxers on earth with such an excellent record of 50-0. With the purse information alone, many have asked sort of questions if the boxer and the youtuber are only interested in the money.

But just as we expected, Mayweather will take more money than Paul. Keem from channel DramaAlert also stated the same opinion. According to his trustworthy resource, Mayweather will surely get more purses than Logan Paul. Different from our previous source, Keem opinionated that Mayweather could get around $5 million upfront and 5% of the PPV sales. This number is higher than what our previous source proposed. But it’s interesting to see how things will be going.

After all, it is a sensible number for Mayweather. Perhaps you still remember that Mayweather made $9 Million when fighting against Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in 2018. the number guaranteed for that fight was lower. Then for the upcoming fight, it is also highly possible that Mayweather could earn more.

What time is the Mayweather vs Paul fight?

The undercard can begin at 9 or 11:59 p.m. ET on Saturday, June 06th. But there’s no exact start time for Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul. They can enter the ring around 12 p.m. ET. (Approximately).

What are the rules of the fight?

Mayweather Paul’s fight is confirmed that Logan Paul is going to box Floyd Mayweather. No fight rules announced yet.

Who is on the Mayweather-Paul undercard?

Nick Young pitches fight vs. Gilbert Arenas on Mayweather-Paul undercard. Hope, more name coming soon. Though, we don’t get any official announcement for Floyd vs Logan undercard.

What channel does Paul vs Mayweather fight on?

Mayweather versus Paul fight is set to broadcast on FanMio and Showtime PPV. So, you want to watch this fight live. You have to subscribe to Fanmio/ Showtime pay per view.

How much does it Cost to Watch?

The first 1 million purchases will cost $24.99. Paul vs Mayweather PPV price will be increased starting 29th December $59.99 and starting 11th February $69.99.

So, if you want to order Mayweather vs paul PPV fight. You should Order it before a 1 million purchase. If you fail then order it before 29th December because you will get it for $39.99. This process can save you money. Sorry, this offer is closed. Now, the PPV cost will be $49.99

Fanmio Boxing PPV Buys prediction

The date of the upcoming bout between Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul is getting near. You might have imagined how big it can be and it is indeed going to be a big event to watch.

With such phenomenon news the Super Exhibition will also draw a lot of money from the wallets of the viewers. The upcoming fight is going to be a PPV event wherein the viewers will need to purchase the PPV first in order to reserve their option to watch the fight through their favorite device.

The Super Exhibition is set to take place on June 06, 2021. It is when the undefeated champion Mayweather will take on the YouTube phenomenon Logan Paul in an entertaining exhibition fight. You can see the details of the fight through each of the fighter official sites. However, fight purses are speculated online.

It will be another best PPV selling exhibition fight in history. You will get it worth so don’t miss this event Subscribe to Fanmio or Showtime PPV ahead of time and set on relax.