Fanmio PPV Boxing Betting Odds & Predictions: Can Paul Defeat Mayweather?

The upcoming exhibition match which involves Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather is getting near. We will witness the moment of truth on February 20, 2021. what’s going to happen then? Can Logan Paul defeat the boxing megastar Mayweather?

Mayweather vs Paul Betting Odds and Predictions

There is no definite answer here but we can answer you by giving the official odds information from the experts.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is scheduled to take on Logan Paul in the next year.

And although many people have seen this as an odd fight, to begin with, many oddsmakers have given their thought in some mass mediums. The oddsmakers conducted Mayweather’s favor. The boxing legend starts as the favorite for the upcoming exhibition.

Mayweather started at -5000 favorite to defeat Logan Paul. Meanwhile, the YouTube phenomenon has +1500 odds. well, these odds are not surprising for many fans across the globe. There’s a good reason for this. Earlier knockout is highly possible if we are reading the records of both figures.

Who will draw the blood first? Will the fight go the entire distance in such a special exhibition? If we are talking about who’s bleeding first. The answer will be on Paul’s side. The experts are favoring Paul with -450 to draw the blood first.

Meanwhile, Mayweather is at +275. Keep in mind that these numbers come from the prop bets. Regardless, it does not hurt to prepare everything now because the date is getting near.

This event will take place on February 20th, 2020 on PPV. The officials have also confirmed that Fanmio is the provider that will conduct the full broadcast of the event. The pricing will be different from time to time. There is no other detail yet to be released by the officials yet. But one thing for sure, you will be able to reserve your watching option right now before the price goes up.

Although it seems an unbalanced fight, the officials have decided to go through with it. The YouTuber has over 20 million subscribers over the world. We know that it is good money. All of the vendors are fond of a large number of subscribers. Not to mention that Mayweather is a megastar in the boxing world who has big audiences as well.

The massive numbers of audiences will be beneficial for the advertisers. Those who are fond of the boxing events will also be glad to see their favorite boxer beat the opponent. It is a great chance for the big fans of Floyd Mayweather to once again view their favorite fighter in the ring.

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