What is Fanmio and How to Order Mayweather vs Paul PPV Fight on it?

For the huge fans of boxing sports, Fanmio might be a strange word for you. It is because the platform tends to be different from other sports streaming services.

What is Fanmio?


Fanmio started with the personal 1-on-1 video meet platform. But now, the provider has expanded its features to be bigger, claiming to be one of the best video streaming services on earth.

As one of the solid proofs, Fanmio will present the super exhibition Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul on PPV. The upcoming huge event is on PPV so that you can purchase the package through the Fanmio official page.

How to Order Mayweather vs Paul PPV Online?

The ring legend will take on YouTube star on February 20, 2021. Although the venue is TBA and the other details remain hidden, we are now able to reserve a spot to watch the upcoming fight on our favorite screen.

As mentioned, the boxing event will be on PPV. Fanmio is the official provider of the PPV. So, it is sensible to hover to the official site of Fanmio to purchase the PPV by yourself. The current price of the PPV is very affordable, only $24.99.

Mayweather vs Paul PPV Cost

But keep in mind that it is only the early bird price of PPV. If you purchase the PPV right now, you will have the chance to save more money in the future.

Based on the Fanmio pricing scheme $24.99 PPV is only the start. Here is how we can understand the pricing scheme.

The early bird price costs $24.99 per PPV.

After one million sales of the PPV, the price will then go up to $39.99.

Then it will rise again to $59.99 starting from December 29, 2020.

Last but not least, the price of the PPV will rise to $69.99 starting from February 11.

At that point, the last-minute buyers will have to spend more money on their PPV experience.

If you do have a date with your fellow boxing fans or friends to watch the bout together, don’t hesitate to reserve your watching option right now.

The Super Exhibition will be coming out on February 20, 2021. although it is still two months away from the big event, it is important to purchase the PPV tickets as soon as possible to help you save more money.

The undefeated megastar boxer, Mayweather has such a great record of 50-0 when he hung his gloves for good. We rarely saw him fighting since then except for entertainment and money purposes. Back in 2018, he knocked out Tenshin Nasukawa in only a few seconds and earned $9 million.

Paul only had one professional fight, which record is unlikely worth checking as a “worthy” opponent for Mayweather.

Regardless, it is interesting to see what will happen on February 20 next year.

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