Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul – How Much Is the Fight Worth?

The upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul has been attracting many people in the world of sport. Boxing fans have been excited to see the moment of truth on February 20 later.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight worth

Logan Paul started all of this. And because of him, we will have the chance to see the undefeated champion return to the ring to take on the YouTube sensation and star Logan Paul. Obviously, there have been some questions rising to the surface regarding the upcoming fight. But one of the most popular one is about the monetary figure of this fight.

Since both fighters have such a mega fans base, there will be significant numbers of PPV sales. The percentage allocated to them will not be a small purse. But surely Money Mayweather will expect to see a more significant purse than Paul.

The content creator Keemstar was willing to share his thoughts about the purse of the upcoming fight. According to a popular YouTuber, he claims that Money Mayweather will be paid guaranteed at $5M upfront. When it comes to the percentage of the PPV, the rate would be 50% of all of the sales of the PPV. Meanwhile, Paul will receive the lesser. Allegedly, he would only receive $200,000 upfront and make only 5% of the PPV sales. Of course, it is not an official number issued by the official party.

But let’s imagine if it is true. It won’t be a surprise that Mayweather could make more money than Logan Paul.

Back then when fighting the UFC fighter McGregor, he got almost $300M although he was guaranteed $100M. The fight was a big success since it involved cross-discipline fighting. We know that McGregor is a renowned UFC fighter with a large fan base. Mayweather has been there for years and it is not a surprise that he will get most of the shares of the PPV sales.

Logan Paul, although still new in the boxing world, has proven his values by challenging the undefeated champion. The upcoming event is tagged as “Super Exhibition”. Obviously, the YouTube sensation has set the bar higher than before.

Mayweather has put up some bigger fights. And he retired back then with such an amazing record 50-0. Nothing can stop him from resigning. Mayweather has achieved everything. And this fight will be a real refreshment for him. Getting back to the ring won’t ever get wrong for the passionate fighter.

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