Logan Paul Admitted that Fighting Floyd Mayweather Does Not Make Sense

According to the trustworthy source, back then, Logan Paul stated that he thought and admitted that fighting Mayweather in a super match did not make sense. He also added that he thought he had signed a fantasy contract. Paul didn’t think that the contract was real too.

Logan Paul

Well, Paul was not alone. Since the announcement of the future bout, there have been debates between the big fans of the fighters. Some experts even stated that this fight should never have happened.

In this case, Paul (25) will take on Mayweather (43) in the special exhibition bout in February 2021.

On paper, there’s no way Logan Paul will be able to make Mayweather bleed.

Logan Paul only has one single professional fight and he lost back then. Fighting the pro is rather a fight for money. In this case, Mayweather didn’t deny by fighting the social media trending topic.

Logan Paul made his professional boxing debut back in 2019 when taking on KSI. But he lost since the split-decision was made after six rounds.

Meanwhile, Mayweather has retired with such a stellar record 50-0. He announced after taking on Conor McGregor MMA Star in a crossover bout. Then he returned in 2018 and beat Japanese Kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in only one round on New Year’s eve.

Paul notably realized how real it is going to be. And he is not going to back off because of his record. Most recently, he revealed his video chat with the boxing champion. The point was he needed to prove himself in the upcoming super exhibition.

Paul told the mass medium that the fight was not making any sense. Months ago, his manager came to him and asked if he was interested in fighting Floyd Mayweather. His manager added that he would attempt to sign the fantasy contract. And just like any other realistic person, Paul thought if this would ever happen to him.

He would go but we wondered why his manager was asking such an impossible question to answer. This made no sense for him.

But months later, as we know it, we were surprised by the announcement that the bout is going to happen.

But sure, he would sign the fantasy contract. And it finally came to the realization. This event is going to happen, folks!

Whether you are the huge fans of Logan Paul or Floyd Mayweather, make sure you reserve your option to watch the spectacle right now. And see you in February 2021!

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