Logan Paul to Fight Against Floyd Mayweather – What Is After This?

The internet sensation has never gotten tired of making surprises for his fans. Left alone in the upcoming exhibition match which involves Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, he claimed that he was ready to fight against Thor as his next opponent.

Logan Paul vs Chris Hemsworth

Just recently, Logan Paul said that he was ready to fight Chris Hemsworth. When we look at the 2021 year, Logan Paul will never set the bar lower. The boxing verse is full of surprise. Since he is going to take on Floyd Mayweather in the ring, the determination can be called “bold”. Mike Tyson even said that Mayweather will kick his a** off. But since it is entertainment in the world of boxing, we are going to see a few rounds before the YouTube sensation goes down.

Although he is a superstar, he only started as a professional three years ago. In his debut, Paul fought fellow YouTuber KSI two times. Thanks to the previous bout, he has a professional boxing record of 0-1-1.

Many people have been doubting him as a professional boxer. But on several occasions, he managed to showcase his set of boxing skills in the training sessions. He also has a background in fighting as the former state-level high school wrestler.

The date for the moment of truth is getting near. His strength, skills, and capability will be tested when fighting against Mayweather. And if both parties would have agreed, he would fight Chris Hemsworth afterward.

There’s solid proof of that. On a video of Hemsworth’s training session, Paul retweeted “ I’ll fight him after Mayweather”.

Hemsworth hitting the pads, his fans must be confident that he can beat Paul. But there was no response from Thor yet about the challenge.

Logan Paul and his brother have been challenging top figures lately. They have gone on a rampage of callouts and triggered such an outrage reaction. Jake even called out Joe Biden and Ellen DeGeneres.

Back to Logan, he will focus on his training when the matchup with Mayweather is getting near. And if the thing does not go south, he will look to fight against Hemsworth ater the ring has done.

Though the enthusiasm has been shown from the fans of the fighter, Logan Paul would not necessarily have a fight with Hemsworth anytime soon, more especially because Thor himself has yet to give a real response for the challenge.

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