Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Could Change the World of Boxing

If you have ever thought of a social media sensation versus the champion of a boxing bout, then the result is obvious. Floyd Mayweather will easily take down Logan Paul.

His sparring partner nodded to this news and said that Floyd Mayweather would train so hard before the special exhibition takes place.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

That means the boxing champion will seriously fight Logan Paul. For those who haven’t known, Mayweather will fight the YouTube sensation in a super exhibition match on February 20, 2021.

The expert said that the bout could be changing the world of boxing.

In this case, the professional boxer won’t take the exhibition fight against Logan Paul lightly. Denis Douglin, the sparring partner of the champion, claimed that Mayweather would train his a** off. For writers, that’s a lot of respect for the fighter who does not want to take light for the upcoming bout.

No one would ever have thought that this fight could happen until a few months ago Paul’s manager approached him to talk about the fight. He said that he would bring Paul a fantasy contract about fighting Mayweather. Logan Paul was not expecting such an offer but he didn’t say no. Then a few months later, we can now see that the fantasy contract comes to fruition.

On paper, Mayweather has everything he needs to take the win. The 50-0 record is a big deal. It should be easy to gain the winning over Paul. But Mayweather’s sparring partner insists that this fact won’t change how the fighter prepares for the upcoming bout.

As confirmed by the trustworthy mass medium, Floyd Mayweather will be training hard and making the same preparations as he did in usual professional matches. He won’t look down at his opponent.

The YouTube sensation has only fought twice but Mayweather couldn’t take this lightly. And if the result is way beyond the expectation, it could change the world of boxing entirely.

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It is because the YouTuber star is a lot bigger than Floyd. Although it is not the main factor to win over his opponent, the result might be different. It is possible that the kid can land a powerful punch and knock Floyd out. And when it happens, the world of boxing will change entirely.

Well, I guess that can happen because of several factors. Whether it is for money, it is beginner’s luck, or everything else, anything can happen in the world of sport. We’ve seen surprises a lot in other sports disciplines. It also means that we can see it too in the world of boxing.

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